Travel Bugs Live Geocoin

I've launched a Kickstarter Campaign to create a new geocoin.   This one will look like a ticket to a Travel Bugs concert, and each will have a unique, unactivated trackable code.  There are also reward levels that include trackable copies of the "Foud It!" CD.

The campaign ends July 30th, and there will not be a secdon minting of this coin so get one today by backing the campaign.

Can You Find the Travel Bugs?

The Travel Bugs Group Shot

There are 7 Travel Bugs hidden in this web site...

Several years ago, the band members in the group were released into the wild as trackables.   Each of the seven travel bugs had a mission of getting back to their original continent, and it was going pretty well for a time.   At one point, five of the seven had reached their continent.  However, the life of a travel bug is frought with danger, neglect, and muggle theft, and eventually all but one of them went missing in action.

But have no fear because the Travel Bugs trackables have been ressurected, albeit in virtual form.   They now live hidden deep in the pages of this site just waiting to be found.   When you come across a band member just click on them to "discover" the trackable.


Wanna Book The Bugs?

Steve performing with Signal the Frog
Steve with Signal at GeoCoinfest
Manchester, England

Looking for some music at your Geocaching event?  Well, drop me a line.   Whether it's background music during the event, a family-friendly concert or an after-party at the pub, I can hook you up!

Travel Bugs performances come in many different sizes and shapes, from solo acoustic sets to virtual online shows to full-band rock concerts.  I'm proud to say that I've gotten to play at geocaching events on 2 continents and have had the honor of collaborating with the Belgian geocaching band Bugsy Travels & the Ammo Boxes . READ MORE...

I love my travel bugs music in the car when caching!


Need a Custom Song?

Fiona Finds and Earthcache

I've been commissioned to write themes music for several different geocaching podcasts as well as custom tunes for events at which I've played.  Once I even composed a song for a specific geocacher who just wanted to showcase her love of earthcaches.

If you're looking for your very own theme to a show, event, organization or just your own bad self, reach out.   There's a tune somewhere just for you!

image desc

Hear the Bugs!

At its core, The Travel Bugs is a project to make music about the world-wide passtime of geocaching. The Bugs have produced a CD, some singles, a music video and even theme music over the past several years. READ MORE...

Wanna Hide a Travel Bugs Cache?

Hide a Cache

Around the world gecachers have been hiding finds based on The Travel Bugs Music.   So far there have been caches based on 4 of The Travel Bugs songs, in 4 countries, on 3 continents.

I'm happy to collaborate with cachers by providing access to solution keys, FTF swag or other supporting materials.   There have been some really interesting finds placed based on the music!

If you wanna join in on the fun, just contact me.  I'd love to brainstorm ideas, and once your cache is up and running, I'll promote it.


Looking For Lyrics?

If you've been wanting to impress all your geocaching friends by being able to sing along to all of the Travel Bugs' songs, then you'll probably need the lyrics.  Well, look no farther. LYRICS