Steve onstage
Steve onstage
Travel Bugs performing in a pub
Travel Bugs performing in a pub

Travel Bugs performances come in many different sizes and shapes, from solo acoustic sets to virtual online shows to full-band rock concerts.  I'm proud to say that I've gotten to play at geocaching events on 2 continents and have had the honor of collaborating with the Belgian geocaching band Bugsy Travels & the Ammo Boxes .

Solo Set

Steve performing with Signal the Frog

As a touring musician, I have had years of performing as a solo act.   Using a digital looper to create rhythms, bass lines and harmonies, I can perform "unplugged" versions of all the Travel Bugs' songs, as well as cover tunes.

And as a nationally known children's music artist, I can also provide some family-friendly entertainment at your event.  I've even been known to do triple duty at megas, performing general acoustic music during registration, a family music concert for the kiddos and then a Travel Bugs set later on.

So if you're looking for some music at you event but don't have the capacity for a full-band stage, this is a great option.

Full Band

Travel Bugs Live at GeoCoinfest

If you're looking for a little more from the musical entertainment at your event, then maybe a full band concert is for you.   The Travel Bugs has performed as a full rock band before.

In fact, at the 2019 GeoCoinfest Europe mega in Manchester England and at the 2022 Geocaching HQ celebration party in Seattle, an international group of musicians was brought together to make this happen.   The members of the Belgian geocaching band Bugsy Travels & the Ammo Boxes filled in as the Travel Bugs for a day.  How in the world did we make this happen across an ocean?  Well, it involved a lot of work, trust and practice over the internet.  If you're really interested, we wrote a blog about the experience which you can check out HERE.

If you're feeling ambitious and really wanna make a statement at your event, this is something to consider.  It is an especially good option for an add-on event or an after party!


Live at Worldwide Cachecon 2021

COVID really threw a monkey wrench in live music for sure.  But one of the silver linings was that I got fairly adept at performing virtually online.

Whether it's a truly "live" performance or a pre-recorded concert hosted online, this has proven to be a great option for virtual events as it gives viewers the opportunity to socialize and comment in the chat room.  At the Worldwide Cachecon virtual event I performed a casual, solo acoustic set and spent a little time sharing the back story of the band and my caching experience.  I was even joined by Jan Mullye from Bugsy Travels & the Ammo Boxes for a duet.  It was a ton of fun.

So if you're just not quite ready to host a mass gathering yet, consider this option as a way to bring something unique to your virtual event.

Bugsy Travels & the Ammo Boxes

Bugsy Travels & the Ammo Boxes
Bugsy Travels in Manchester, England

Maybe having a Travel Bugs concert just isn't in the cards for your event, but you still want some live music.   I have a suggestion, especially for those of you in Europe.

Bugsy Travels & the Ammo Boxes is a geocaching band based in Belgium that is a great option.  They are a top-notch set of musicians who provide a full-band concert and specialize in geocaching parodies of popular songs.  I've performed with them as well as been in the audience for their shows, and I can sincerely recommend them.

The musicians from this band and I are frequently collaborating, so if you thought you were able to get us together, a dual show of both bands is a possibility.  They have been Travel Bugs for a day, and I'm happy to be an Ammo Box for day.  So, if you're looking for a band that's based in Europe contact them,  And if you want a truly unique, international experience anywhere on earth, consider reuniting The Travel Bugs and Bugsy Travels!

The whole gang's together
Bugsy Travels and The Travel Bugs