In addition to producing CDs and singles of songs about geocaching, I also occasionally write custom music at the request of geocachers.  

Theme Songs

I've produced the theme songs for a couple of podcasts including Geocache Talk and Geopod Norge.   I worked with the hosts of these shows to determine what style of music they wanted and what the general feeling should be.   Then I created a theme, leaving as much instrumental time as was needed to allow them to speak over and introduce each episode.   I also created separate, totally instrumental versions of the theme that had a different length, tempo and style to be used as background music.   Throughout all of these, I tried to make sure there was a musical "signature" that could represent the show and even be used for transitions.

These projects are really fun for me, and I'm happy to support other people out there adding a creative element to the geocaching community.   If you have a podcast, VLOG or radio show, and you would like to have a Travel Bugs theme, or if you just need a show bumper, CONTACT ME .   I'd love to collaborate.

Event Songs

I have also written songs for geocaching events.   These are more involved projects and result in either a fully produced song or a song to be performed live.

I wrote a songs for the West Bend Ca$h Bash mega as well as the GeoCoinfest Europe 2019 mega to provide more value to my performances there.   I performed these at the events creating a chance for attendees to hear something truly unique.  Songs like these could also be used to promote the event beforehand.

Fiona climbing to a cache

Commissioned Songs

I can also produce geocaching songs for specific geocachers or organizations.  

One really special project like this was the custom song "Fiona Finds an Earthcache".   As part of my fund-raising efforts to lower the expenses of performing at an event in Manchester England, I was commissioned to write a song for a geocacher Mrs Scothog who was an avid earthcacher and adverturist. She was a fan of the Bugs' music and had always wished they had created a song about earthcaches.  

I wanted to make a song that featured her love of earthcaching and in particular her experinces, so I interviewed her about earthcaches she had logged and the adventures she had finding them.   I ended up producing a bouncy little tune based on her cache log entries, which I had spent quite a bit of time reading.   It was a really fun experience and made me appreciate her excitement about geocaching.  


What Else?

Maybe you need to have a GIFF film scored.  Or you want a live acoustic version of one of the existing Bugs songs for a project.  Or you'd like to have a Bugs song recorded in a different language.   Or something I haven't even thought of yet.

I am always up for new and exciting projects, so if you've got a crazy idea CONTACT ME .  Maybe you're the next wild Travel Bugs project.