At its core, The Travel Bugs is a project to make music about the world-wide passtime of geocaching.   The Bugs have produced a CD, some singles, a music video and even theme music over the past several years.   If you're here, then chances are you're a geocacher yourself, and if you wanna hear the music or see the videos, you are in the right spot.  

Anybody who likes music and geocaches needs to have the Travel Bug's CD "Found It!" on hand for those caching trips into the boondocks.

K. Glazner -

"Found It!"

Found It! Cover

"Found It!" is The Travel Bugs' musical debut and is a collection of 10 tracks of eclectic music about geocaching.   The song styles range from country to techno to straight-forward rock about the passtime that we all love so much.  

From the haunting tune "The Lost Cache of Forgotten Gulch" about a cache so difficult it's become legendary, to the humourous "To Whom it May Concern", a letter from a concerned Mr. Mug L. Guy asking for help with the "zombies" wandering around his fields out back, the songs weave stories about cachers and muggles alike.

You can find the music in most available streaming outlets, and if you want to own the physical CD and help support The Bugs' efforts to produce more music, it's available for purchase.  I really appreciate the folks who have supported this project over the years.  I couldn't have done it without you!  You rock!

If you would like to purcahse a CD or a trackable version of the CD...

100 Caches in One Day

100 Caches in One Day Cover

I still can't believe that people manage to find 100 caches in a single day. It's something that I'll never achieve for sure, but I can vicariously celebrate the accomplishment through music. This upbeat pop-punk single, which features a blistering solo from Jan Mullye, lead singer and guitrarist of the Belgian Geocaching band Bugsy Travels & the Ammo Boxes , celebrates a fictional day of rapid caching in search of 100 smiley faces. But will I find that ellusive 100th cache? Listen to find out.


The Worst Cacher Cover

The Worst Cacher

May we introduce Daniel Neville Flunkerbaum III (initials DNF).  He is without a doubt, the worst cacher to have ever walked this earth.  Imagine geocaching for over 2 decades and never once finding your quarry.

This little ditty was written for those cachers who like to end their day in the pub raising a glass with fellow seekers.   For those geocachers in need of a drinking song, this sing-a-long is for you.  So here's to Daniel Neville Flunkerbaum III who "cannot find his own behind when he is sittin' down!"


It's Mega Cover

It's Mega!

A single produced by the geocaching community, this tunes weaves the tale of an event that grows and grows until it finally reaches the fabled "mega" status".  Backed by geocachers via a Kickstarter campaign, this single actually includes the backers' voices as guest vocalists.   We're not gonna stop until everybody shouts, "It's Mega!!!!"


Fiona Finds an Earthcache

Found It!

As part of the effort to bring a Bugs concert to GeoCoinfest 2019 in Manchester, UK, a single was comissioned by cacher "Mrs Scothog".   It is intended to capture her love of earthcaching (she had found nearly 800!), and the lyrics are based upon her actual cache log entries.   Yes, she actually ran into a mountain lion once!

She asked that this song be made freely available to the geocaching community, so you can listen or download it at the link below.   I am extremely grateful to her for supporting what turned out to be an incredible experience for all involved and for sharing her experiences with us all.   If you wanted to commission you very own song, read more about it HERE.


If I close my eyes I can imagine all of us hanging out together listening to this great music!

Mingo Bound Video Thumbnail

"Mingo Bound" (Video)

The Travel Bugs have released a new song and music video "Mingo Bound!"

In August of 2022, Hans, the drummer for Bugsy Travels and the Ammo Boxes, visited Colorado as part of his trip to the US to perform at the HQ 20th Anniversary Celebration.  He and his wife Inge wanted to visit the Mingo Cache, so we loaded up the car and drove out into the prairie to find GC30, the oldest cache around.   We took some music equipment and performed a little impromptu concert at the cache site, much to the bewilderment of a truck driver who had stopped nearby.  This new video documents that road trip!


To Whom it may Concern Video Thumbnail

"To Whom it May Concern" (Video)

After 3 years of filming in multiple locations around the globe with an all-star cast and a budget of over $300 million, the music video by The Travel Bugs for their hit song "To Whom It May Concern" is available for viewing!   I hope you enjoy the video and excuse my drawing skills.


Podcast Themes

You may have heard the Travel Bugs and not even known it.  The Bugs have provided the theme song and background music for at least 2 podcasts and bumpers for many more.

If you've got a podcast, vlog or radio program and would like to have theme music from The Travel Bugs, want to interview the Bugs, or even know of a show that features the Bugs' music that isn't listed below, just CONTACT ME !

The travel bugs have been featured on...

Geocache Adventures Logo


I always love a good challenge, so when Amie, the host of Geocache Adventures, said she'd like for her theme song to be "90s Country", I knew I had some research to do.  I don't follow country all that much, and I didn't even realize that there was such a thing as 90s country.  I guess it makes sense.  90s Rock is different that 80s rock and 70s rock right?  But then she said she also wanted it to sound a little like Elton John.  Well, now she really had my attention.  Challenge accepted!.  I immersed myself in Brooks and Dunn and Garth Brooks (apparently "Brooks" was a thing in country music in at the end of the millennium) and started to pice together a song.  Then plopped myself down at my keyboard and thought, "WWED (What would Elton do?)".  The result is a boogie woogie piano tune that I hope is reminiscent of Brooks and John!

Listen to Geocache Adventures Theme

The new theme song for Geocaching Downunder is so catchy, it gets stuck in the head of everyone who hears it.

PurpleCacheEater (Show Host)
Geocaching Downunder Logo


What a thrill to get to create the theme song for this podcast all about geocaching in Australia.  I worked with show host PurpleCacheEater to craft a theme song that reflected the Aussie sense of adventure and exploration.  If you're interested in finding out more about the geocaching scene south of the equator, check it out!

Listen to Geocaching Downunder Theme
Geocache Talk Logo


I was honored to be asked to create the theme song and background music for this weekly podcast.   It was fun figuring out a way to add the host Gary's signature tag line "at work, in the car, wherever you are" into the song.   In the end, I decided to just put his voice right in.  The podcast is a very casual, welcoming discussion about all things geocaching and the production quality is top-notch.  Gary and the gang are the ones who brought you the Worldwide Cachecon mega virtual event in 2021!

Listen to Geocache Talk Theme
Geopod Norge Logo


This is a podcast out of Norway hosted by Johny and Irene.   I don't speak any Norwegian, so when I was asked to provide a Travel Bugs theme song for them, I was a little worried about how I would pull it off.   Luckily Johny was a good sport and via sound clips over the internet, he was able to coach me through just enough Norwegian to make it work.   This was definitely one of the most interesting music projects I've gotten to work on.   Now I want to go to Norway and perform it live!

Listen to GeoPod Norge Theme
Team Snip & Snap Logo

Team Snip & Snap

Over in the Netherlands, Team Snip & Snap have a YouTube VLOG where they take you along on their geocaching adventures.   I've done a live, acoustic, version of "Found it!" on their program where they coached me through singing a little in Dutch, and the Travel Bugs' music features as background music for some of their videos.  It's fun watching them have fun!

Podcacher Logo

The Podcacher Podcast

Sonny and Sandy produce one of the longest standing and best produced listener-supported podcasts about Geocaching around.  Tune in and follow them along on their geocaching adventures as they cover just about every Geocaching subject you can imagine.  Plus Sonny is a musician... so there's that too!