The Travel Bugs Group Shot

There are 7 Travel Bugs hidden in this web site...

Several years ago, the band members in the group were released into the wild as trackables.   Each of the seven travel bugs had a mission of getting back to their original continent, and it was going pretty well for a time.   At one point, five of the seven had reached their continent.  However, the life of a travel bug is frought with danger, neglect, and muggle theft, and eventually all but one of them went missing in action.

But have no fear because the trackables have been ressurected, albeit in virtual form.   They now live hidden deep in the pages of this site just waiting to be found and logged.  

So poke around the site, and whenever you see one of the band members hiding out on a page, click on them to log the travel bug.  You know what?  To get you started here's an easy one.   May I introduce Marvin T. Stuckmeyer, our lead vocalist.  Just click to "discover" him, and look for the others throughout the site.