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geocoinFest 2019
The After Party

The first ever full band Travel Bugs concert happened at GeoCoinfest 2019 Europe in Manchester, UK.  Were you there?

Steve, the madman behind The Travel Bugs, was accompanied by the Belgian geocaching band Bugsy Travels & The Ammo Boxes onstage at the GeoCoinfest event as well as the after party at the Old Nag's Head pub.  The musicians collborated online via Skype, exchanging MP3 files to practice virtually as a group.   When they joined each other on the stage in Manchester, it was the first time they had ever met in person and within minutes, they were off and running!

Everyone was treated to a dual concert at the pub later that night as the band played as The Travel Bugs immediately followed by a Bugsy Travels & the Ammo Boxes show.   "This was one of the most interesting and rewarding musical experiences I've ever had.", said Steve about the endeavour.  "We can't wait to do it again!" So keep an eye out for this international geocaching super-group at future events!"

New Custom Single

Fiona Finds an Earthcache

A huge thanks to cacher Mrs Scothog, who comissioned a custom song to help fund the effort to bring the Travel Bugs to to GeoCoinfest 2019 in Manchester UK.  This song "Fiona Finds an Earthcache" is based on her actual cache logs for a few of the over 800 earthcaches that she has found!


Hear the Song!